After Chad Wild Clay made "BABY SPY NINJA? Playing ROBLOX ADOPT ME To Find LVcrone Thief and Stolen Gold Play Button!", Vy Qwaint created "TIK TOK PRANKS - Trying Funny TikTok Hacks on Cool Friends To See if They Work", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "I CAUGHT A THIEF AT WALMART!", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "WHICH LVcroner Is My ENEMY? Spy Ninjas React To FGTeeV, Aphmau, Preston, LankyBox, and SSundee", Daniel felt sad because two fans said he wasn't cool. The Spy Ninjas helped show Daniel the coolest hacks to become popular at school overnight. They all tried the coolest and most awesome Tik Tok hacks and Epic Life Hacks. The Spy Ninjas tried different hairstyles and earrings ans transformed from nerdy to cool and popular. They all got temporary tattoos and even tried guyliner like James Charles to look like Rock stars (rockstars) and TikTokers. Vy Qwaint helped Daniel find his hidden talent by showing him K-pop (kpop) dances like Blackpink. Regina tried mixing 10000 skittles to make giant Among Us skittles rainbow art. Chad did fruit chopping with ninja gadgets. Daniel showed that he is good at making beats. He learned that being cool and popular is not about what is on the outside but what's on the inside. Agent Ford from the FBI even gave the Spy Ninjas medals for defeating Project Zorgo! How cool is that!! Melvin likes Daniel's sick beats so much that he challenges Daniel to an epic mic drop rap battle. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • I have blue eyes curly hair and I’m in the age of Regina and Daniel I think

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  • Melvin is mean to daniel

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  • U should kick Melvin out of the spyninjas bc when Daniel said he was a loser but he isn't Melvin was like oh yes u are

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