Harry Styles - Golden (Official Video)

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Golden, Golden, Golden
As I open my eyes
Hold it, focus, hoping
Take me back to the light
I know you were way too bright for me
I’m hopeless, broken
So you wait for me in the sky
Browns my skin just right

You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden,
I’m out of my head
And I know that you’re scared
Because hearts get broken

I don’t wanna be alone
I don’t wanna be alone
When it ends
Don’t wanna let you know
I don’t wanna be alone
But I can feel it take a hold
I can feel you take control
Of who I am and all I’ve ever known
Loving you’s the antidote

You’re so Golden
I don’t wanna be alone
You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden
I’m out of my head
And I know that you’re scared
Because hearts get broken

I know that you’re scared
Because I’m so open

You’re so Golden
I don’t wanna be alone
You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden
I’m out of my head
And I know that you’re scared
Because hearts get broken

Directed by: Ben Turner, Gabe Turner
Starring: Harry Styles
Executive Producer: Carly Shackleton
Line Producer: Bex Hampson
Junior Production Manager: Aimee Nathan
DOP: Joel Honeywell
Camera Operator: Ricky Valentine
Camera Operator: David Soutar
Styling: Harry Lambert
Hair: Roxane Attard
Makeup: Laura Dominique
Editors: Ben Turner, Joe Williams
Colourist: Aidan Farrell at The Farm

Produced by Fulwell 73

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  • i heard this song on the radio and i fell in love with this voice i have a typeee

    Andreea •Andreea •Pirms 9 Minūtes
  • Don’t sleep on this

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  • te amooooo aaaaaaaa

    tiny quezadaatiny quezadaaPirms 13 Minūtes
  • one word. flawless.

    Ashleigh StevensonAshleigh StevensonPirms 13 Minūtes
  • the amount of times i've come back to this video is insane

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  • Me: English Comments: sorry you don’t know Spanish 👁👄👁

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  • like we’re did he go for this????

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  • I'm pretty sure i just had a stroke and a heart attack at the same time.

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  • congragulations

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  • Where did he get these songs, It's so good

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  • Its really hard to be his younger brother btw 🙂

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  • Só eu que estou ainda impactada com esse clipe? Kkk

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  • fuck this music video is so beautiful i love it

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  • No puedo es que lo amo demasiado♡

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  • I am latina someday he will return 1D

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  • Here again. I just noticed, but why does the beginning of Golden sound like the beginning of Entertainer?

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  • It's concerning how many times I watch this MV a day But ain't no regrets 。◕‿◕。

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  • Harry se parece a patrik jean (simon baiker)

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  • No les pasa que respiran y de repente HARRY STYLES TE AMO ERES LO MEJOR

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  • I’m asking everyone to stay off my LVcrone for right now. I’m not interested in trying to sort out who is doing or who is the misogynist trying to include me in things that have nothing to do with me

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  • There are no words for how much I love this song! 🥰

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  • Lovely vibes...as those ones from the New Wave Romantic Style from the 80's...Love it...Damn!

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  • from: me to: the person who read this *you ‘re so golden ✨*

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  • He looks better and sounds better as he gets older. Stay golden. 😊

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  • THE BEST!!!

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  • therapy: expensive harry’s amazing golden mv: FREE

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  • Hello LGBTQ+ community

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  • Nos pueden ayudar haciendo stre4m a kill my mind de Louis, perdón por molestar es que no le falta nada para llegar a los 10M

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  • Estamos de acuerdo todos que la única persona que nunca nos decepcionara es Harry Styles 🥺🥰

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  • So I accidently had it playing at 1.5x speed and was like woah...sounds pretty good still!

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  • Los comentarios de recetasjgj

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  • Congrast harry y su equipoo .por ganar como mejor album en los emas

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  • I love you....i love youuu❤️❤️

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  • you are a bread of God

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  • 54 millions views

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  • 0%drogas 0%desnudos 0%racismo 0%palabras homofobicas 100%harry corriendo y siendo bello como siempre

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  • Omg I pray I meet you one day I feel like passing out listening to your music in a cool way ofc. :DDD

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  • This is what I sing when I think of 2019

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    • @Camila Reynoso vamos de poquito a poquito, estaría bueno aliarse con otro fandom para dar stream

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    • 100M?

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  • Ahhhhh Te Amoooo

  • joder wue bonito, fue con esta canción con la que me convertí su fan, no creía que iría a sacar mv posteriormente, pero me alegro que el mundo disfrute de esta joyita ERES MI TODO HARRY

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  • Siento que en esta canción la voz de Lord Harry Styles se parece a la de Ed Sheeran

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  • Yes get that zarry 💚💛

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  • Quién ganó el premio a mejor álbum ayer en los #AMAs? Mi precioso Harry Styles lo ganó!

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  • *Listen at 1.25x thank me later*

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  • Harry te amo rey hermoso 😋✨

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  • So, ¿Quien más dando todo por Hazza?

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    • Limda

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    • South of Italy

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  • Si eres fan de Harry ,te invito a entrar a este grupo 🍉 chat.whatsapp.com/KQVEaa5jUMbI5HWZuBVkna

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  • the happiness inside this mv just erased all the sucks things on 2020

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  • while harry is running he looks like Louie Tomilson for a second and again like him....Here 0:58 You will see it just look carefully

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  • Harry styles is a whole VIBE himself!his music is great no matter what kind of music you like harry is the man.And if you're feeling sad,down,or depressed just listen to Harry styles his music will make you happy!❤

    Harry StylesHarry StylesPirms 6 Stundām

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  • Looks like the proffesor from Money Heist :) without glasses

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  • Hay una película en Netflix de una pareja Gay llamada Holding ellos se conocen desde el colegio duraron 15 años juntos hasta que unos de los dos tiene Sida, el asunto es que la película se parece mucho al vídeo Golden .... web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=124304729460517&set=pcb.124304876127169&type=3&theater

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  • JAJAJSJAJA está sonando en la radio. :’)

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