I Ate $100,000 Golden Ice Cream

I cant believe how insane that ice cream looked at the end
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  • watching people eat makes me hungry who else

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  • On the 50,000 dollar stake when he ask if you guys want a 19,000 hot sauce

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  • Omg,can't wait for him to visit Ghana and do same

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  • Imagine if the guy made up all the prices and scammed Jimmy.

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  • The ice cream falling on the table was priceless

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  • and almost my birth day

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  • Now i'm hungry....but no food will EVER measure up to this...wow...

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  • Mr. Beast million dollar muckbang

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  • There are many people in the world who don't have food and even bread to eat...

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  • in total: 260k me : WAIT WHAT IF THE WILL POOP 260k poop Dman man i will sold my poop

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  • He spends money to make money

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  • In the last bit, the dude on the left picked up the spoon while the waiter was explaining. Geez he was hungry

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  • Give me a chance also!!!

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  • I despise Karl

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  • How does someone eat that much

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  • me watching this while eating a cup of noodle -_-

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  • A sauce cost 16,000$ I’m done

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  • Wow so very expensive and yummy 😍

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  • I can't believe the price ...So amazing

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  • just give me that f**king stake

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  • 7:42 he swore

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    • Ok,who cares

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    • You are joking, right?

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  • I mean it is caramel so its technically gold.

  • Opbrather

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  • if u love me, must travel to the Philippines try our local specialities u will be wowed

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  • and i thought 5$ hamburgers are expensive

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  • my how lives in dutch i love the chocalede to

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  • If I came there whe. That man was selling free money I could get lots of robux 😭

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  • Next up : eating 50 Million dollar cockroach

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  • Facts : you're watching this while laying on the bed

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  • this vid series just does good becaus people want to eat it by themself and than rewatch it 200 times

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  • 6:03 ayyyeeeee hunter x hunter

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  • U sure its worth it?

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  • Mr beast stomach later: -dies-

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  • Mrbeast in 2060: i ate whole earth in chocolate, it was preety good

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  • Are my the only one eating a 500k dollar stake well watching this

  • I'm a sucriber and my brithday is today I'm 9 please say happy brithday to me!

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