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this is a description




  • Honestly I don't think that will stop him from showing up anyways lol

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    • @wilbur foot SUCK IT GREEN BOI

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    • @major bleh i’m on wattpad (but not ao3) with this exact pfp and user so maybe it’s me 😳

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    • istg theres someone on wattpad and ao3 with your exact name and pfp

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    • True 😂

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  • OKAY

  • Can we take a moment... To appreciate all the hard work put into the description of this video

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  • me accidentally misgendering myself in front of my friend:

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  • He's like damn I forgot about that

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  • Quackity looks like he’s from a Tim Burton’s film

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  • Is it just me that can hear big Q's brain just going: Can't compute..... Can't compute

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  • Skeppy what if one of the guest is gay

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  • That dot in the thumbnail made me press on it because i thought it was dirt on my screen

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  • I read the title as " Quackity your a girl" Lol

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  • “I’m not....?”

    loving Lifeloving LifePirms dienas
  • Well.. Im Mexican!

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  • As a wise potato once said: It counts if im attracted to you

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  • but he is my friend

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  • Does genders matter tho???

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  • This is a description

    ༒༄༆꧁godify꧂༆༄༒༒༄༆꧁godify꧂༆༄༒Pirms 2 dienām
  • GenderNotFound

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  • here, lemme finish that for you: "Well... well-" "neither is Bad"

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  • Bi bi bi?

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  • *me when someone tells me I’m not a guy-*

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  • *Not with that attitude he can’t*

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  • Quackity is so confused-

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  • lvcrone.info/have/video/mKS822Skydmkm6w.html

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  • He kinda looks like Rock Lee

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  • Mason (Zuckles) participated when swaggersouls did his

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  • Skeppy: Quackity, you're not a girl Quackity: Quackity. Exe has stopped working

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  • Quackity be like: I SEE IT,I LIKE IT,I WANT IT, I GOT IT!!!

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  • He coulda big brained and went trans. Just saying

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  • Ee

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  • "Quackity you're not a girl" Next video: "PRETENDING TO BE A GIRL ON FACEBOOK" By Quackity

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  • Quackity isn’t a girl bit neither is badboyhalo and skeppy

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  • Quackity... your not a girl... your a woman 😏

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  • You fool he is not a gender is a Quackity

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  • He has no gender he's is big Q

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  • **trans intensifies** /j

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  • Is skeppy saying gay isn’t a thing

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  • Well, it doesn't count if I'm still attracted to you, right?

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  • its a joke

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  • Guys, lets not forget Quackity is Quackity not a girl.

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  • I'm surprised skippy didn't get cancel by saiding that

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  • Quickity sounds different

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  • Why Quackity

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  • "Thats not poggers."

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  • Skeepy looks like me irl (the animation in this video)

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  • Quackity coming out be like: 🧍

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    • you will be hearing from my therapist 🙂

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  • *he could be one*

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  • That... is a description. Quite a good one too, it describes itself perfectly. It did exactly what asked. I loved the description’s deep meaning between all it’s words. And the cliffhanger where it left us wondering what happened to its father. And the comedic moments where is was just simple. But, my favourite part of the description was when it said, “this is a description” It was a heart wrenching moment. I can’t believe it did so well at giving me a soul. Truly, a masterpiece.

    Lathan HunterLathan HunterPirms 6 dienām
    • ... Mind if I plagiarise it?

      Lathan HunterLathan HunterPirms 6 dienām
  • i dont know who they are? karkat, blue twink and craig???

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  • What did u use to animate this?

    Denki KaminariDenki KaminariPirms 6 dienām
  • this is the best dream team smp content i've ever seen

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  • when he said quality it sounded like a kid trying to tell his parents what he has done wrong lol

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  • Quackity is about to do a transgender speedrun. do do do do~

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  • I Think Hes Trans-Gender ;-;

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  • ~processing~

    ScarlettLavenderScarlettLavenderPirms 7 dienām
  • he just had a gender identity crisis and i’m here for it.

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  • Neither is BadBoyHalo yet here we are 😶

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  • Wow! That description is very informative!

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  • Well you see-

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  • BIG Q!!!!

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  • QuaciStop

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  • Plot twist:he's gay

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  • this is just quackity forgetting his gender

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  • Quakity never stops

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  • He just wants girls 👏🏻

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  • What do u use to animate?

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  • My 100 th time watching this and only now understanding what skeppy meant 🙃

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  • This is my last video to watch this day, totally worth it

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  • i wish he had said not yet or something

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  • Quackity can be a girl if they want too ✨🎉👑 *don't be ashamed*. ✨🎉👑

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  • This is *big trans time*

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  • Well skeppy what if he’s trans 😤

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  • He’s lagging give him a break

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  • Much like the description. This is a comment

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  • my mom said he looked like one so he has to be :/

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  • I like to believe quackity is trans afab

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  • I am so dumb. I also had to process that for like 10 seconds

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  • Ever heard of transgender-

    Yes I am *çøñfųśţíøñ*Yes I am *çøñfųśţíøñ*Pirms 9 dienām
  • Skeppy: Quackity you're not a girl Quackity: ... *Becomes woman* What now bitch

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  • 4

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  • Skeppy: youre not a girl. Quackity: well- well- Up Next: *PRETENDING TO BE A GIRL ON FACEBOOK BY QUACKITY ONE YEAR AGO*

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  • IT ALL ADDS UP... His name is Alex... Minecraft Alex is a girl... HE IS A GIRL?!?!?

    •Michelleplayz ••Michelleplayz •Pirms 10 dienām
  • quackity's real answer : AM GAY

    Chiaki Nanami and MonomiChiaki Nanami and MonomiPirms 10 dienām
  • ...i literally got recomended quackity's "pretending to be a girl on facebook" after this video-

    Marie ŠvarcováMarie ŠvarcováPirms 11 dienām
  • It’s gender is loading, give it a sec.

    FlameCoonFlameCoonPirms 11 dienām
  • quackity has the "This sing won't stop me, because i can't read!" energy and i love it

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  • Whats he original video o.o?-

    Snowy moonSnowy moonPirms 11 dienām

    【good morning】【good morning】Pirms 11 dienām
  • Big Q is just Big Q you cant stop Big Q-

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  • egg

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  • HE CAN BE·

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  • o

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    • Skeep

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  • Lol

    quackster lolquackster lolPirms 12 dienām
  • If I were quackity I would have said: well bad isn’t either and you still call him cute

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  • me, genderfluid, waking up and deciding what pronouns I wanna use:

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    • Sameeeee

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  • then explain bbh

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  • I'm GaY

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  • 0:17

    * Feather . Fluff ** Feather . Fluff *Pirms 13 dienām
  • That is, indeed, a description.

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