ROADTRIP TO SF *i cried*

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  • The sleepy drizzle embryologically earn because female optically hate around a kind community. abnormal, knowing space

    Michelle HaschkaMichelle HaschkaPirms 11 Stundām
  • did anyone else actually virtual slap baahahaha

    Tess BrevaireTess BrevairePirms 21 Stundas
  • 18:34 never seen emma smile that big 🥰😂

    rfbx_sims._.rfbx_sims._.Pirms dienas
  • r her parents divorced

    a booka bookPirms 2 dienām
  • billie and rick in one

    Kika KolárováKika KolárováPirms 2 dienām
  • Dyiiing over your road trip car thoughts!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 sometimes I feel like I’m the only girl that isnt shy about bodily functions like you are, everybody poops you know lol lol

    Kitty NealeKitty NealePirms 2 dienām
  • Funfact:this video was made 1 month before my birthday🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    mp4rabi on TikTokmp4rabi on TikTokPirms 3 dienām
  • Your road trip vids are my favorite

    Emma HEmma HPirms 4 dienām
  • The blue ones have fiber glass in them them my mom is a nurse and she has the allergy too

    Emma HEmma HPirms 4 dienām
  • ngl this video reminds me of the Vegas video with James and the twins

    Lillian BeckLillian BeckPirms 4 dienām
  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one, but I have a bad digestive system too so I constantly have gas and can’t release it in front of people other than family members

    Georgette KelleyGeorgette KelleyPirms 5 dienām
  • i luv u❤️

    Artpura_cruaArtpura_cruaPirms 5 dienām
  • her eyes match her hoodie

    hazël's roomhazël's roomPirms 5 dienām
  • Since when does Emma no longer cut her videos herself?

    Elena MüllerElena MüllerPirms 5 dienām
  • You should cry to "should have known better" by sufjan stevens it's the bestttttttttttttttttttt. I love this video Emmaaaaaaaaaaa

    Sharika MajetiSharika MajetiPirms 7 dienām
  • Emma: Okay I'll call you...6 times Me: omg same *has called both parents individually and at same time ~10x since moved out for college, only has been 8 days*

    Gabbi PhillipsGabbi PhillipsPirms 7 dienām

    Jaycee HayJaycee HayPirms 9 dienām
  • I just got an ad for an espresso machine. Lol😂😂🤣🤣

    Amna HammadAmna HammadPirms 9 dienām
  • TLIG

    TsambikaTsambikaPirms 10 dienām
  • I want Emma Chamberlain and Olivia Rodrigo to be best friends. The coolness pls

    Aurea Jane MacedaAurea Jane MacedaPirms 10 dienām
  • i think it's obvious Emma is lowkey traumatised from the Hollywood fix

    EworitseEworitsePirms 10 dienām
  • the burps are everything

    RachelRachelPirms 10 dienām
  • What was the name of the podcast she was listening to? I couldn't catch it:)

    Melisa TunakanMelisa TunakanPirms 11 dienām
  • I can’t with you emma really HAHAHA “I just pee a little bit”

    Bruna PalomaroBruna PalomaroPirms 11 dienām
  • OMG EMMA’s a Rhett and Link stan! Best day ever😎

    Savannah CarrinSavannah CarrinPirms 11 dienām

    Sierra MercedesSierra MercedesPirms 12 dienām
  • Why u shmucko

    izzy worldizzy worldPirms 12 dienām
  • Slap slap slap 👋 slap slap slap slap slap slap slap even more but I’m not wasting on you woman

    izzy worldizzy worldPirms 12 dienām
  • *Emma* : ugh why am I prepared??!! *Also Emma* :I’m prepared I am. Never doing that again U-U

    Jackie LunaJackie LunaPirms 12 dienām
  • 4:16 legit me w my mom

    Lily CastilloLily CastilloPirms 12 dienām
  • 3:46 ok, but why is that me XD

    Lily CastilloLily CastilloPirms 12 dienām
  • ok but why are we twins?

    jenaya combsjenaya combsPirms 12 dienām
  • Morning poop is probably the most important part in the morning routine hand downs 😅

    Glenda RubioGlenda RubioPirms 12 dienām
  • (I know you don't smoke weed).. but I wish you would try a 10mg edible in one of your videos to see how you feel about it.

    Nadia CAVERNadia CAVERPirms 12 dienām
  • imagine pumping your own gas... Can’t relate

    Dominic GamezDominic GamezPirms 13 dienām
  • PLOT TWIST the man driving the motorcycle was a 80 year old man

    JaniyahJaniyahPirms 13 dienām
  • Im so happy when you dont forgot to kiss our forehead like girl ur actually my bestfriend

    Allexis EstanislaoAllexis EstanislaoPirms 13 dienām
  • she seemed so happy when she got in her dad’s house and that made me very happy. YAY

    M O R G A NM O R G A NPirms 13 dienām
  • Emma and Billie eilish need to be friends

    billies grandesbillies grandesPirms 14 dienām
  • I'm Ready to ROaD Trip ass fuck.. you know A.S.A.M.F.P

    Douglas VolinskyDouglas VolinskyPirms 14 dienām
  • You’re freaking hilarious I literally feel like I’m road tripping with you 😂 gassy girl

    Kelly WKelly WPirms 15 dienām
  • 15:52 Kinda looks like she has a really tiny skinny leg/knee because of the light You’re welcome

    Leila BuonoLeila BuonoPirms 15 dienām
  • Wait why does Emma’s dad kinda look like corallines dad

    Livvy EvangelineLivvy EvangelinePirms 17 dienām
  • Someone plz tell me why i can’t find this tumbler on chamberlain

    Riley PauleyRiley PauleyPirms 17 dienām

    Douglas VolinskyDouglas VolinskyPirms 17 dienām
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Charlotte ThomasCharlotte ThomasPirms 17 dienām
  • Here's something I realized- I grew up around a LOT of toxicity. I had picked up on a lot of toxic traits and wasn't even aware of it. I feel like so many people hate on certain public figures for NO reason, and since I am on a journey to growth I am going to own up to it and say that I was 100% one of those people. I think a lot of people suffer from jealousy and envy and don't even realize it. A majority of these youtubers were not born famous. They were all regular people too once. Yes there are people who literally make millions off of making tiktoks and a lot of people feel like it's unfair. I can't speak for every youtuber, but Emma seems super authentic and that's why she is loved by so many people. She doesn't put on a fake personality for the camera. You can literally tell. So many people hate on Emma, I remember watching her when she had like 200k subs, and guess what? When she blew up, I stopped watching her videos. I was on the bandwagon of haters. I don't want to say I was jealous because I like my life and I wouldn't swap it with anyone else, so what could it have been? That's the thing. For a majority of haters, there is NO reason. It's like unnecessary hate has become a trend and it needs to stop. Does she make racial slurs? Is she rude in person? Does she kick puppies? I'm pretty damn sure not, she seems like a good person so to all the haters out there please stop hating on random people and their happiness. Emma seems like a dope person, one I'd be friends with. Keep up the good work. ALSO: I am being vulnerable and since I have changed I decided to share my point of view from someone who's been on both sides so don't judge guys.

    MarahWrldMarahWrldPirms 17 dienām
    • @MarahWrld no problem 😊

      Erin OBrienErin OBrienPirms 12 dienām
    • @Erin OBrien It's ok thanks! I'm glad someone cares lol.

      MarahWrldMarahWrldPirms 12 dienām
    • I kinda feel bad that you wrote that whole thing and I just wrote a few lines but nonetheless!

      Erin OBrienErin OBrienPirms 15 dienām
    • I just wanted to say that this was so wholesome and made me smile and that I’m very happy for you that you decided to change. Thanks for reading! :)

      Erin OBrienErin OBrienPirms 15 dienām
  • I love you ❤️💕

    Madi SmithMadi SmithPirms 17 dienām
  • Emma’s dad is cool 😎

    Alexa BoucherAlexa BoucherPirms 18 dienām
  • When she is talking about the one time we judged her I KNOW she is talking about the hair dyeing thing and im still mad at you guys for getting mad at her

    Lolo BeattyLolo BeattyPirms 18 dienām

    ron bobron bobPirms 18 dienām
  • I think the burp comment was mine lol... sorry Emma got used to ur burps now love them love u!

    Habiba AlyHabiba AlyPirms 18 dienām
  • Is it just me or does Emma look like Timothee Chalamet when she has her hood up?.......

    Angelina MitchellAngelina MitchellPirms 18 dienām
  • Why do I love these videos so much 😐

    Luminara WyantLuminara WyantPirms 18 dienām
  • Emma I have no idea if you see this. But U R my favorite LVcrone, you so funny and honest you just deserve everything. You amazing

    MichaelMichaelPirms 19 dienām
  • I've been watching this kinda "old" videos and all I can thinking about is how much she reminds me of MGK aka Colson Baker. Especially on 12:38 like the smile whattt, but also her attitude oh man..

    victoria klostermanvictoria klostermanPirms 19 dienām
  • love you Emma, loved this video

    YA GURLYA GURLPirms 19 dienām
  • Can they tell I’m clenching my ass by far is the best line in this video!!!!

    Andrea QuinonesAndrea QuinonesPirms 19 dienām
  • Hi

    Andrew KirkwoodAndrew KirkwoodPirms 19 dienām
  • oh my god i love emma

    kathryn staudingerkathryn staudingerPirms 19 dienām
  • Emma is literally the most genuine and wholesome person on LVcrone.

    Pickle TicklePickle TicklePirms 19 dienām
  • I have very bad digestion too and it’s genetics but I’ve always felt somewhat uncomfortable about it because I didn’t want to burp or fart when I’m with others but it’s honestly beyond my control. Knowing that Emma has the same issue and watching her still RoCk it and tell others if they can’t accept her at her worst they don’t deserve her at her best, imma start accepting myself and my flaws because that’s who I am and I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.

    janw tuanjanw tuanPirms 20 dienām

    Lanay MyersLanay MyersPirms 20 dienām
  • We stan clario

    glxmyclxudsglxmyclxudsPirms 20 dienām
  • i love the way she talks about her mom, its so sweet:)

    rhianna garrenrhianna garrenPirms 20 dienām
  • I love how fucking honest u are. I fucking love it. Your life style is homely such a goal... believe it or not IT IS. I haven’t watch ur LVcrone in a while but now I’m watching all the videos I missed out on. Period. Love u😦😍

    Ashlee HolgersenAshlee HolgersenPirms 21 dienas
  • 14:42 this scenario literally killed me 😂😭

    Wayne LucasWayne LucasPirms 21 dienas
  • you should do a video where you go a week without coffee

    Madelyn BattagliaMadelyn BattagliaPirms 22 dienām
  • Road trip tipppppp: Do not ever go to a gas station to use the bathroom especially when you gotta 💩 so go to a hotel.

    Ashley HarrisAshley HarrisPirms 22 dienām
  • I litreally slapped the screen every time she did the tounge thing

    anna nardinianna nardiniPirms 23 dienām
  • 16:29 😂😂

    Kyla FlahertyKyla FlahertyPirms 24 dienām
  • You are a true comedian!! I am binging your videos like they are tv shows!!!!

    Rhonda SilverRhonda SilverPirms 24 dienām
  • 👅 🤭.....ahahah

    Kayla McLeanKayla McLeanPirms 24 dienām
  • emma so funny lol she my mood

    Alexis FigueroaAlexis FigueroaPirms 24 dienām
  • LMFOAOOO I loveeeeee this video

    Vitória MorosVitória MorosPirms 24 dienām
  • The ice falling out at 2:00 SENT me 😭😂

    Britney EvansBritney EvansPirms 25 dienām
  • Omg k I'm stupid an accidently hit the post button half way into the first sentence lol. Anyways I was gonna say.. y r u hating when u sick ur tongue out lol, u do it in every video I've ever seen of u (granted I am a new fan, and I love u so much!!!) But yeah so as I was saying I love when u do the tongue thing, it's one of cutest things u do imo lol. Every time I watch ur videos I feel like so different, idk how to say what I mean lol. U just put off rly good vibes, and I'm always so relaxed and happy while and after I watch ur videos. Basically I'm saying u should just keep doing the tongue thing cuz it's super u and super cute lol. K I love u!!!! 👅 👅 👅

    Sarah NielsonSarah NielsonPirms 25 dienām
  • K y r u so

    Sarah NielsonSarah NielsonPirms 25 dienām
  • TO SF *i cried* 3,320,637 views•29 Nov 2020 212K 1.6K SHARE SAVE hey

    aesthetic hereaesthetic herePirms 26 dienām
  • "I would see my grandpa there ...I think he just hung out there" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Babs XBabs XPirms 26 dienām
  • The intro: Me: 👁️👄👁️ Also me:*satisfaction*

    Hayley HendersonHayley HendersonPirms 26 dienām
  • Why do I love emma

    Z AZ APirms 26 dienām
  • emma since you said “God only knows” like 2x I suggest you listen to that exact song by for King and Country. lol you won’t regret it 😉

    Itzely TubeItzely TubePirms 26 dienām
  • I literally relate to emma on a spiritual level 🤭😂

    Itzely TubeItzely TubePirms 26 dienām
  • i need to know where her sweatshirt/sweatpants are from

    Jaycee HayJaycee HayPirms 26 dienām
  • I actually cackled at @5:22 when she puts the Hollywood Fix guy's voice as a creepy background noise

    Annabelle GrutAnnabelle GrutPirms 26 dienām
  • 💓💓💓💓

    Yee HawYee HawPirms 26 dienām

    Estella ToumayanEstella ToumayanPirms 27 dienām
  • Youre my idolllllllllll

    Adam CAdam CPirms 27 dienām
  • eating my dinner and watching emma chamberlain talking about shit💩

    Clara FengClara FengPirms 29 dienām
  • Every single time the tongues out she slap her face so hard🤣🤣

    Gab ByGab ByPirms 29 dienām
  • Hi my girlfriend is a huge fan of urs and ur gift still hasn’t gotten here in time for Christmas. She freaking loves u... is there anyway u can ft her for Christmas tmrw when I’m with her. Please Emma she would be so happy and we both are finishing up our quarantine bc we had covid

    Travis KaufmanTravis KaufmanPirms Mēneša
  • maybe it was the used toilet paper i gave you to wipe your eyes - you got to stay away from the brown sound - will i been eating onions - it might taste better the boogers - well you can dry age that too

    wirehyperspacewirehyperspacePirms Mēneša

    taminotaminoPirms Mēneša
  • she should make mercy that says “and do you know what?”

    Haley ElaineHaley ElainePirms Mēneša
  • Be sure to put a flower in ur hair

    andrea slaskiandrea slaskiPirms Mēneša
  • I could not stop laughing every effing time she stuck her tongue out looool

    Raizel LunaRaizel LunaPirms Mēneša
  • I want emma to get a medical weed card

    Lila AnaliaLila AnaliaPirms Mēneša
    • @Aja Chappell because she struggles with a lot of mental health issues! And because she’s already funny and she would be so funny as a stoner

      Lila AnaliaLila AnaliaPirms Mēneša
    • why?

      Aja ChappellAja ChappellPirms Mēneša
  • Uhh shouldn't she get a Covid test after travelling? Idk what the rules are in America but that kinda concerns me

    Georgia IsabellaGeorgia IsabellaPirms Mēneša
    • No she can self isolate for 14 days

      amaterasu 650amaterasu 650Pirms Mēneša
  • omg i saw you-

    emilia hernandezemilia hernandezPirms Mēneša