The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes

If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:
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Our Video on Neutronstars:
Our Video on the Information Paradox:
Black holes are the most powerful and extreme things in the universe and they are wildly weird and complicated. What would happen if you fell inside one and what are they really?
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  • Ok, phew. So we are done explaining any properties of black holes forever. If we ever talk about black holes in future videos we'll always link to this video. If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:

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  • Wait. Something confuses me. 9:45 So if a black holes lifetime is 10 to the power of 67 years, why does this say that 10 to the power of 21 it loses barely any mass when its already a quarter through its lifetime. Did i miss something or am i just a dumbass??

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  • So blackholes make the worlds go around

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  • Just one doubt. You guys said that black hole has no memory or information of it's past, while Dr. Leonard Suskind proved that information is not lost but conserved on the surface of a black hole (Holographic law).

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  • Are there white holes out there in the space? Or I'm misunderstanding something?

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  • It's stuff like this that reminds me why I'm studying astrophysics and quantum physics. God I love black holes!!!!

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  • I think our universe is like a battery, and just like every battery the energy is limited as long entropy does its job. So these first bilion years are just the "spark", while the hawking radiation, after all that has left in universe is black holes, its the estable state of this batery. For zilions of years...

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  • I just love how this is all presented as factual... when in reality this is all theoretical. There isn't even a way to prove most of the information put forward. Spaghettification!!! Thats some real technical lingo. If you go through a black hole as a man you will be spit out the other end as a woman because black holes alter the sexual orientation of living things that pass through them!!! There see anyone can make stuff up!!! Go ahead prove me wrong!!!

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  • How could we ever get information from the inside? Any probe or data monitored would not be able to send the information back right? Unless we create some sort of data transmission that superseded light.

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  • Live the pseudoscience talking points if it was real you wouldn’t have to use cgi and cartoons you’d just show reality but of course you can’t because it doesn’t exist in reality

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  • That hourglass example was probably the most extreme analogy i've ever heard

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  • It's basically Kim Jong Un, big, round and doesn't poop.

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  • so what im getting is that approaching the event horizon is like every description of people going through portals to other dimensions and just seeing a singular hole where they came from disappear behind them

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  • “What is going on?” You may ask, after the mission that you took on of picking up a space fragment, you went out of your space ship and came out into a strange place, you try to go back but you don’t know how. “I should never got out, my companions need me to come back” you may think, but can you point out where you want to go? No? So grow up and find out, come up with some idea, your oxygen is running out, you don’t have much time left, I think, set up something. “How?” you may ask, well I don’t know, since that event horizon… oh it turns out that you are in a black hole, so get comfy you are probably the last living being in the universe and there is no way out. “What?” You may say.

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  • how are people just ok with this existing? this is the biggest mystery in reality, no one knows where the hole opens to.. im dying to know. There is definitely something past the event horizon

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    • It’s just a huge dead star

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  • In essence the universe is just filled giant toilets... draining into other universes.

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  • A massless object travels at the speed of light and a massive object slows time down. Then doesn't the matter that falls into a black hole go backwards in time?

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    • The death of a black hole is the beginning of a new universe. The Big Bang.

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  • The death of a black hole is the beginning of a new universe. The Big Bang.

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