Who I'm Voting For 2020

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    • let’s gooo

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    • Man shut up

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  • "Unity In Diversity"

    Dafa MulkilakbarDafa MulkilakbarPirms 4 Stundām
  • I am glad you are taking a stand man. 12 000 000 people listened. Actually, the entire world is watching. Bravo from Southern France where I live.

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  • Hey Casey, where are you man? Missing your content like crazy! Come back to YT

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  • @wedonotcare

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  • bye casey im leving the cannle so ill see you in 2024

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  • Hope you are doing well Casey. 2021 almost here. 🎉

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  • Couldn’t love you more, brother!!!!!!

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  • I'm sorry, it was a great company. Unsub and bye.

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  • His usual speech to promote stuff then vanished. People are catching on.

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  • thought this was a apology vid almost got me there in the beginning again mate

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  • Okay people, it was nice having a full month of constant uploads. Let's back to our lives now. Don't cry. Or maybe do... A lot

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  • After k18

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  • He posts everyday for like a month then he makes this and I’m concerned he is actually going to follow through with “ see you in 2024”

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  • Lost my subscription not that it means anything to you.. but you said inform yourself the best you can.. it looks like you have some more research to do..

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  • 6:22 damnit, Casey. You really meant that, didn't you?

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  • Man your the best thanks for voting Biden

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    • *you're

      Why are you reading that?Why are you reading that?Pirms 11 Stundām
  • It would not be horrible if you returned to LVcrone and uploaded a video :)

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  • can you do another video on how you feel now that you have voted and advocated for a cheater?? Thanks Casey!

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  • He started. And then he stopped.

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  • Where are you , Casey ? We need more videos, man !

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  • Haiii

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  • He wears glasses a lot

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  • Loved the hat and ur a good person so I guessed u would vote for joe

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  • Loved the hat and ur a good person so I guessed u would vote for joe

    RazerGamingRazerGamingPirms dienas
  • yeah biden won

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  • Yeaaa JhO bIiDaNN

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  • Are u serious

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  • Wow bad decision but joe biden won

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  • Starting daily vlogs guys on our channel. Really would love some of you guys to take a look and post some feed back 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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  • Кейси бля куда пропал ск?

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  • Did anyone realize that he changed his name?

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  • Waiting for a Biden/Harris 'win party' video. Go on Casey. Get the ball rolling before David Dobrik beats you to it ;)

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  • Damn, the contrast between this video and the one you made 4 years ago is impressive. You can tell how much Casey has progressed as he tries to take an objective perspective and realizes that no one is completely wrong nor completely right. It's just a world with different perspectives and experiences that we must try to improve through conversation and discussion.

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  • What if Casey died

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    • No

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  • Aged like wine

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  • no

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  • Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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  • Casey! Please, at least one more video before 2021.

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  • Casey whats taking so long?

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  • Casey 2024

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  • casy family and casey have corona .good luck from slovakia .

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  • Casey, there is lot of countries want to see us fail, and i think division and hatred is one of the keys as they cannot fight us straight ahead and unfortunately both sides are not seeing it , we have lots of people in this country that cannot make decisions on their own , they believe their leaders , regardless if they think they are good or bad, the hatred to the other side allows you to accept what your side is doing regardless , people do not do their own research to see if the source is right or not , we have lots of gullible people in the US. One way to make a strong country weak is start to crack it within and create division and hatred . I think lots of countries out there wants that...

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  • Come back

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  • I think he meant that he is only going to make videos in 2024 now

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  • Good job good decision i live in Australia so i cant vote but i would if i can vote biden

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  • Casey, all I have to say is fuck you. I didn't want to make this video, but that money from the Biden campaign.

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  • Hey !! Not 2024 now I miss your video's !! Come back !!!!! I don't care who you voted for. I like you the way your are as a true person a creator, cool to listen too. Miss your daily's shows brother !

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  • 6:22 I think he actually meant that 😳

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    • nooo....

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  • Is it true this guy was killed in a helicopter crash and that is why he no longer makes videos, our is he just a spoiled brat now and is a lazy $uck?

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    • Wdym? He literally makes video 4 weeks ago.. oh.

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  • Much Kudos for posting this video Casey! For us non-americans -> can you please post a pic of your subscriber graph? I'm extremely curious how much this video cost you in terms of subscribers lost given how "on edge" Americans are these days. My guess would be ... 10%?

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  • You really are lost

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  • I subscribed to your Excellent channel, if you want, do the same for me... 👍👌🇬🇷

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  • Maga 2020 !!

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    • Too bad he lost, BOZO!

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  • Post more please 🙏

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  • Biden 2020

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  • We miss u

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  • I respect your opinion and I’m still going to watch your videos but trump2020

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    • Wait why did you post this when it's already a done deal?

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  • Do a vlog without sunglasses 😎

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  • When the world needed him the most he vanished

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  • You can't feel disenfranchised...

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  • Ok this iscool

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  • Nuuu taxes

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  • 5:17 I recently started to watch your videos but this is gonna keep me here for sure!

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  • الو

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  • You have an excellent analysis, rulers can’t divide and rule, modern democracy needs leadership that can look 360 and form a highly educated outcome that is positive and constructive.

  • 7 marathons in 7 days That's all I have to say

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  • What's Up Casey ? What's new man ? Missing your videos / Family / Creativity / Awesomeness ! No one to watch no more .. 🥱

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  • Vote for who you want to vote for, but I really don't think announcing it like this achieves anything positive. You're either going to preach to the choir, or rub people up the wrong way. If there's one thing we've learned in four years, it's that doing either only widens the gulf between sides, which consequently makes the overall situation worse. That's what the real owners of America want, to divide and conquer.

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  • One of great you tuber

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  • And he never posted again...

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  • Joe Biden sucks

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    • Well you're going to have a rough 4 years from now, and don't be surprised is it's 8 years...

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  • BIDEN2020

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  • 4 weeks ago?!? Missing you:)

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  • Work Hard??????

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  • Thank You for your Vote Casey..🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  • Where are you Casey you have not been posting

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  • unsub

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    • @Ryanvideos ?

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    • @ThatLegoSW_Guy WTF

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    • @A strange apple logo i was never subbed to him lol

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    • unsubing over a opinion wow

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  • Biden? Surprise ! Bet you never been in the military or own a gun.

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  • he stoped posting again... why?

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  • I want a new video ☹️❤️

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  • Whoever disliked this video is a Karen

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    • @Alexander Yoder mhm

      Christian CostantinoChristian CostantinoPirms dienas
    • if by Karen you mean someone who can't live with someone not hating another person solely based off of a political belief then yea probably.

      Alexander YoderAlexander YoderPirms 2 dienām
    • @I’m Wierd who me?

      Christian CostantinoChristian CostantinoPirms 3 dienām
    • Wait you’re a Karen

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  • Please read Casey it would mean a lot.. This isn’t me trying to get you to look at my videos or anything this is sincere!! I just got done watching your Make It Count video Casey and I do need to say this ... this video just gave me so much inspiration! I am no longer waiting for life to come my way I am going to take it by storm and experience life to the fullest these quotes really speak wonders and the way you portrayed this “Make It Count” is the most miraculous talent i have ever seen in my life and I just want you to know, I now understand what it means to live life and how to tell my story I appreciate you Casey and I appreciate the work you do for us viewers. “In the end it’s not the years in your life that count it’s the life in your years” Thank You Casey”

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  • Yeah♡♡♡♡♡

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  • Thank you Casey..👍

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  • ugh great no more freedom

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  • i really like that hat

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  • Good for you. You decided not to vote for a pseudo-authoritarian and vote for someone who believes in science. 👏👏

    Joe H.SJoe H.SPirms 4 dienām
  • 2024 is the next election u morons

    Wake Up IdiotsWake Up IdiotsPirms 4 dienām
  • If an Alien threat took place would a political party matter or not

    Wake Up IdiotsWake Up IdiotsPirms 4 dienām
  • B E R N I E. S A N D E R S.... he’s the real goat but Biden is coo.

    Isaac LoveIsaac LovePirms 4 dienām
    • Bernie is a socialist? He's a social democrat. Bernie wants to maintain the private mode of production with regulations and a welfare state - he's a capitalist, not socialist. Does he sometimes use ACTUAL socialistic rhetoric? Somewhat. His policies are still firmly capitalistic despite a bit of worker ownership sprinkled in there. Americans have been conditioned by red scare propaganda to see anyone vaguely left as "socialist" and "communist". I doubt 97% of people can correctly define both. And no, socialism and communism isn't "the government doing stuff", get a grasp on political theory.

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    • @Mason Nickens I don’t think you understand what communism is mate

      Can of StellaCan of StellaPirms 3 dienām
    • @Mason Nickens nah it’s socialism fam two different things.

      Isaac LoveIsaac LovePirms 3 dienām
    • Communism...

      Mason NickensMason NickensPirms 3 dienām
    • Yes

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  • Time to move to Canada

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    • Yes come we have good stuf

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  • Casey has left the building

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  • Bro tf wrong with your lips

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  • The reason why you feel divisiveness right now more than any other time is because of the media. They are the enemy of the people. How in the world the polls are gonna make a “mistake” twice? They play games with the citizen of this country and we know it but they think we’re too stupid to see it or just don’t care Bc we will keep consuming their garbage. Wake up America 🇺🇸 I don’t care who you voted for but just realize that there is something bigger happening behind the curtains and the media is part of it

    D PD PPirms 4 dienām
  • Casey, you live in Cali and are from New York. Everyone knows who you’re voting for. Lol

    Blaze CBlaze CPirms 4 dienām
    • he did live in newyork but he was from Connecticut

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  • Are u going to review dji mini 2? Yes=1000000000000000000000000000000000000billion subscribers

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